13 year old daughter and Christmas


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my oldest is 13 and you know how girls can be. i asked her want she really wanted for Christmas. she said she did not know. my husband said i should take her clothes shopping. but i want to do something besides just clothes.

by the way , we are setting a strict limit this year! and i have to stick to it too.

she got a mp3 player last year and a cell phone (grandma-got her that and pays the bill for it)

what would a 13 year old girl want? we did not have all these electronics at my age!

any suggestions?



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If I remember correctly - it's been a long time since mine were teens - 13 year old girls do like clothes, but they have to be able to pick them out themselves.
If I may, 13 would be a good age to teach her how rewarding giving to others can be. Ask her if giving up one gift and giving something to a senior (with a visit to deliver it) at a nursing home or donating a toy to Toys for Tots would please her. Just a thought.


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How about a day at the spa with her best friend. Manicure, pedicure, mud bath, etc. I know that 13 year olds like make-up too, if that is allowed for your girl. Subscription to 17 magazine, an iTunes gift card. And of course, a chicken.


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my 14 year old daughter is dictating this to me:

Hannah: gift cards to get things on sale after Christmas, fashion jewelry, clothing accessories (socks, belts etc) that make her outfits 'her', mp3 cover/charms/decorations, books by favorite author, graphic t-shirt, purse used for 'gift bag' and stuffed with cosmetic/toiletry items, shoes-baby doll flats are the 'thing'...that's pretty much all i can say because i am not super stylish.

can i just say, it's funny that she added that part about being stylish on there!

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