133 down, 120ish to go....

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  1. Cornish crosses that is. Ordered a batch of 275 this year, they did not mark how many extra they sent, and had a layer hen break into the pen on the first day and kill about 30 so not really sure how many I have. Much easier to count once in bags!

    Transported to another family farm this eyar as they have all the high tech processing equipment and help other locals out. Wow what a difference that makes in what you can get done in a day! To keep it low stress like I want for my birds I backed the horse trailer up to the pen about a week before and bedded it in straw just like they are used to. They came and went from it like a shelter and were used to feed and water being in there. Then the night before I sorta encouraged half of them in there with only water and shut the door after dark. They were settling in anyway so that was where they were bedded for the night. Then 6 am drove them up to the farm and in not much time at all they were all done, I was back home with them in bags at 10:30.

    Friday the rest go, same drill. Most of the first are sold already, family and friends was the reason I did so many this year.

    40 turkeys to do in November too, they are getting so big now!
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    that's awesome...but i just can't fathom that many chickens!!
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    I so wish I could that.. but i havent been able to find a chicken processor here and I cant really see me doing 100 chickens by hand.. honestly I dont know if I could do one by hand.. but if we had a processor.. that would be good eating.. and the Turkey I would love love love to do because I dont care for Turkey and Im sure fresh Turkey is alot different from store bought..
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    WOW! That is alot of chickens. Good thing you got help!
  5. Well we did 115 yesterday so my total was 148. Then came home and cut up 55 of them and baged them as parts, the rest went direct to the freezers as whole. Up and 5:30 am to travel there and done bagging the cut ups at 11:30 pm! What a day, I was really tired.

    So today I need to clean out that are of the barn and move the turkeys inside, weatherman says it will be nice today but rain tonight then all week.
  6. Just worked out my feed conversion ratio to 3.2:1 Not bad but not the best I have done, sure wish the weather had been good enough to get them outside on the grass.

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