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    Aug 23, 2008
    sidney, ohio
    At what age can a chick live on 25 degree weather?
  2. speckledhen

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    A chick cant. An older chick that is fully feathered still cant, not without heat.n If you mean in a coop with no heat, I'd say about 12 weeks old, to pick a number. It really depends on how well they are feathered and none under 8-9 weeks old should be in that temp, IMO, certainly not without some heat to get under and a draft free space.
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    Jan 31, 2009
    How long can you live in 25 degree weather? I bet by asking the question you have come up with the answer without any help....a chick that young at this time of year really needs heat, food and water....in a safe, draft free environment.....hopefully with some other chick friends to hang out with...even in the warm spring, the nights can get cool and damp.
    Good Luck, enjoy the BYC
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    Again, please put a REAL subject line. The '??????????????????' doesnt help you get any answers.
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    It might help if your title isn't ??????????????????????????
    I was thinking you needed to know what a question mark was when I opened this thread. [​IMG]

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