14 Black Copper Marans hatching eggs (and 1 olive egger egg!)

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    The egg in the auction picture is my first egg of 2011. They have lightened up, as they've been laying since February, but I will include an eggshell sample form the beginning of the year so that you may see how dark they have the potential to lay.

    My cockerel is currently about 30 weeks (I have to check my calendar to be sure) and I do not have a current picture of him, but here he is at 18 weeks.


    He does NOT have white earlobes as the pic seems to make him look.

    My gals are pure Davis and pure W. Jeane, with a couple of mixed-line gals thrown in. So, you'll get a mix of lines.

    PayPal only auction - payment due by 10 a.m. Eastern time the date auction ends - eggs to be shipped out by noon.

    My gals have really slowed down and about half are just beginning their molt, so these will be the last offered this year.


    One of my customer's eggs from early this year:



    Thanks for looking!!
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