14 Brahmas- Buff Laced & Gold Laced-Dan Powell Lines

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    Up for auction are 14 Brahma chicks! Buff laced Brahma and Gold Laced Brahma chicks. I will do my best to have 7 of each but it will depend on the hatch. These chicks are not sexed and will be hatched the week of May23rd and shipped either the last day of May or first Monday of June. If I have extras at time of shipping I will let you know and you can purchase them for what you are paying per chick on this auction. I have picked only the best birds for breeding pens, These birds are beautiful color, some great lacing and not washed out. Shipping will be express with new shipping box for $40.00. You can NOT get insurance on shipped chicks. I bring them to the usps 1 hour before they leave the usps and they are healthy. I will put your phone number on the box when shipped so they can call you when they arrive. I got my eggs from Dan last year. Happy Bidding!

    Dan Powel of Maiden Rock, Wisconsin is the originator of these variety of Brahmas and was the only breeder in the United States when I purchased eggs from him last year. These are a very rare, non standard variety of Brahma. Dan is one of the most brilliant breeders in the US. The buff laced color pattern is very rare in poultry and I have only seen it in Sebrights and Polish. Dan has spent years perfecting the color pattern of these majestic looking birds. You will get both Buff Laced and Gold Laced which is a plus for those of you who would like the opportunity to work with a new breed. The eggs are hard to come by and I have only seen a few auctions from Dan and they have sold for over $1,000 a dozen. There are now only a hand full of buff laced & Gold Laced breeders scattered throughout the US. Dan has given us such a great gift that we can work with and create new and beautiful birds. This is a work in progress and I only put the nicest birds I have in the breeding pen. These are beautiful birds! Paypal please asap after auction ends.

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