14 chickens in respiratory distress, and no vet in our town sees chickens!!

liza b

May 30, 2017
Hello! 2 month owner of chickens here. About a week ago I noticed lots of sneezing and wheezing from 5 of the flock, and isolated them. I attempted to make a vet appointment only to discover, there are NO vets in our town, or surrounding towns, that see/treat chickens. As such, I am unable to obtain a prescription for any oral antibiotics. Now, ALL of the chickens are sounding very congested, though they have no runny noses, and the sneezing has stopped. Everyone is still eating/drinking/foraging, but I fear if more time passes, I will be unable to treat them to save them. Is there another route to obtaining oral antibiotics I am unaware of? I am unable to catch 14 chickens 2x a day for injections, nor would I feel up to injecting them.
I've wanted chickens for ever, and DO NOT want to cull the whole flock simply because I can't find a vet within 60 miles that sees chickens.


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Sometimes they come down with a slight respiratory problem, often time they improve.

May sure your bedding is dry, mold can mess up chickens. Good ventilation is extremely important to for them to stay healthy. I would just wait and see how it goes. It could be an actual infection or just an irritant.

Have you done anything in the last few weeks like spray the lawn, or do you use stuff like DE? Just some things to think about.

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