14 day old chicks

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    Feb 5, 2009
    can you feed treats at this age thay have starter grower but no grit yet do thay need grit yet if i give small bugs grape pieces bananna oats etc. also wondering has any one noticed at that age thay have tiny spurs some of mine look like thay have but not all i have rhode island red,bar rock, new hampshire red
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    Yes, they can have some treats, but not much - they need the nutrients in their chick starter. If you give them anything other than something completely soft like yogurt, they will need grit. I use the grit you buy for cage birds (like canaries). It works fine and a little box lasts quite a while. And, yes, sometimes you can see the little spur spots on them very young. It doesn't necessarily indicate sex, though.
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    I just gave mine some coarse sand when they started eating small insects, hanging out in the composter, at 3 days old!

    PS. Chicks hanging out with a mom hen would of course be eating insects, misc. foods, and picking up grit in the real world.
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