14 eggs from 10 hens this morning

maybe some laid after you collected yesterday
congrats on everyone laying though
I had a chicken that laid yesterday afternoon and early this morning. It will probably be my only egg today. My other two seem to have stopped laying for the season. She is probably making up for the slackers

BTW, how did you get them to up the production? Reading them cookbooks or KFC ads?

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I believe it. I had a similar experience today.

My cochin/silkie crosses have just started laying this week (one of the three). This morning, I caught one nesting in the poop box under the roost. It is a shelf with cat litter boxes with stall deodorizer in it. She was obviously restless and wanting to lay. I left her alone but watched enough to see that there were no eggs there yet. An hour later I went out and saw TWO eggs laying in that very spot. None of the other hens were seen anywhere near her.

HMMMMM..... Maybe I ought to reproduce her!!
How are the 'rescue' chickens looking? Clearly if you are getting that many eggs they are feeling 100% better? Are they growing their feathers back?

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