14 French Black Copper Marans hatching eggs - excellent lines - SALE!

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    Sep 25, 2007
    I'm running this as a buy-it-now at a greatly reduced price due to having added a new cockerel to the breed pen. My existing roo and he have been spending lots of time sorting out who is alpha, and I'm unsure how much time they're actually spending breeding - though eggs have been fertile, I just can't guarantee they are ALL fertile, thus the lower than normal price.

    These eggs will ship tomorrow (Tuesday) by 4 p.m. if I receive PayPal payment prior to that time.

    Here are the eggs as they are looking now - my hens have been laying since February:


    When they begin their laying cycles, they are much darker and I will include an egg shell sample with the shipment to show you what you can expect your girls to lay.

    Also, my rooster is most definitely NOT squirrel-tailed - it appears he might be in the pic due to the wind blowing from behind him. He is correct in every way, bred to the proposted standard - not mossy at all, correct comb & coloring, etc. He is pure Davis, over pure David and mixed line girls.

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