14 hour trip with 4 chickens in van

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    May 18, 2010
    I need suggestions on how to take 4 chickens cross country in a van in cold weather. My daughter is concerned that my husband will suffer from allergies to the feather's and their dust. They are my pets and really must come along. Thank-you from Peep ( blind rooster) his buddies Ruffles, Specks and Jo.
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    Can you bring along a battery operated air purifier? Drive with windows cracked?

    I've taken several long-ish trips (up to 4 hrs) with my chickens. I've borrowed cat carriers from my friend to transport them with food in the carrier, offering water every few hours or so. Some electrolytes and some extra protein wouldn't hurt either.
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    I transported 19 and 11 ducks across country. I use metal dog crates. I purchases soda bottle waterers and feeder cups. You could use straw for lower dust and a battery operated or dc powered air purifier. Look at truck stops and such for those...truckers use them inside their cabs.

    It really is not that bad travelling with them. I did 7 days with mine so 14 hours is a breeze and should not cause a lot of dust and such because the birds should stay sitting most of the trip.
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    Put a hamster/gerbil water bottle in the pen with them now to teach them to drink from it.
    I tap my fingernail on it and they run to it. They all use it now.

    Pet carriers (VS wire cages) & sand will keep the dust down.
    Road trip [​IMG]

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