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    With the two new grandkids born earlier this month, not everyone had a chance to see the new babies. Most of us met one or the other but not both. So tonight we had EVERYONE over, a big spaghetti dinner, and Ken was a baby hog. Stinker. I practically had to wrestle the babies from him. He spent most of the evening in his easy chair with BOTH babies. I loved seeing our first grandson, Isaiah and hearing that he is doing much better with school (he is 5). And our darling Robert.

    Those of you that have been here a while know about Robert. His mother is going to jail for at least a year tomorrow and has FINALLY relinquished custody over to Sara. He is such a good boy and such a darling child. Sara is due with her own child here in the next 10 days and has matured GREATLY throughout. I am extremely proud of these kids and the strides they have, the maturity they have shown, the growing up they have done.

    Robert told me tonight "Debi, I LOVE dinner!". He had two servings and some lemon cake.

    [​IMG] my family.
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    Feb 2, 2011
    Aww how sweet! [​IMG]

    I'm glad you had a lovely time!
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    Quote:Thank you!!!! It was a blessing for sure to see both new babies in the same place, and to see how the rest have matured. I am happy grand mama.
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    Wow! Robert has really come a long way, hasn't he? Glad to hear that everyone's doing so well.

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    Glad you had a fun time, and that Robert is doing so well! I try to stay caught up on him but I'm not very good at it. [​IMG]
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    Robert has come a long, long way and Sara has him in pre-school three days a week and he absolutely loves it and his teachers love him. I am going to post a good news report about Robert here in a just minute.

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