14 Seramas ~Frizzled and Silkied~ Started Chicks ~ CUTE!


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Oct 28, 2010
I am offering 14+ of my tiny Serama chicks.

These chicks are 3-4 weeks old and although very tiny are well started. They are straight run as hatched. You will get 7 Seramas - could be smooth, silkied or frizzled- and 7 Frizzle/Serama from our first generation pure frizzle roo over serama hens. All are absolutely adorable! Our Seramas range in size from A-C with mostly A's and B's. We have a wide variety of colors, a few that I have pictured here. These little chicks are amazing and fun to have around, and excellent if you are limited on space or live in city.

These chicks will ship on Tuesday after the holiday and must ship express, $35 includes express shipping and the box. Payment is required promptly at the end of the auction to [email protected] Thanks for viewing my beautiful chicks!
(The pictures are our adults and examples of what your chicks could look like - I will try to get some pics of the actual chicks before the end of the auction)


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I am a little confused, you say 1/2 frizzle and 1/2 Serama. Is the frizzle NOT a SErama? OR do you mean 1/2 frizzled SErama and 1/2 smooth Serama crossed?

I would really really like to see pictures of the actual chicks. I know you have a great reputation for your Serama hatching eggs but I want to see what I am actually buying. Nothing against you but I am holding onto my extra money tightly these days.

Thank you so much,
Hi Ruth and thanks for your interest. I understand where the confusion was. By 1/2, I meant half of the chicks I would be shipping are Seramas. I fixed that and hope it makes more since now. You will get 7 Serama chicks and 7 first generation pure frizzle roo over pure serama hens. These chicks will be a little larger than the pure seramas.

Having said that I would also like to say any seramas that are frizzled or silkied have been crossed to a silkie or frizzle some where in order to have that type of feathers, even if they are 'A' in size, as original seramas were not silkied or frizzled and were created (just a very tiny version).

I hope I didn't confuse you even further. I can not download pictures to the internet and rely on my daughter to do that for me (I am 74) unfortunately she is out of town for the holiday. If you are in doubt I would suggest waiting until the next auction when I can get you some pictures. (I will probably have another one next week but it will not include the frizzle/serama cross chicks)

Thanks for your interest!

still a little confuseing they all are pure serama chicks right just some smooth some frizzled and some are silkie . am i right to think that?

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