14+ Sizzle eggs... Beautiful! Must see!

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    14 eggs now, I will also include any there laid in the morning before I go to the PO...

    This auction is for 14+ any additional eggs laid at the end of the auction. I have 10 collected today and should get 2-4 more before the auctions end (at least, but no promises). These are from my splash to splash sizzle pen (2) the wheaton/buff girl pictured hatched from this pen!, a white pen (4), and a mixed color pen with blue, black, splash and a white roo(8) and a splash pen that is a splash double frizzle sizzle to a splash silkie (0) these will be 100% frizzled. The other eggs are 50/50 on frizzling. You could hatch smooth feathered chicks, I have one of my smooth girls pictured.
    I have been getting some super nice chicks from these pens. Only selling them because I am outta room in my incubator and need to hatch more silkies right now. Good luck to everyone, please let me know if you have any questions. I will update eggs colors and numbers as they are laid...
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