14 wk old cockeral with a swollen crop for a month


9 Years
Mar 7, 2010
My roo is really the problematic one I guess. Last week he had a bum leg, which is mostly better. Now I'm concerned because his crop is 3 times as big as the hens. I would estimate it is at least a month. It's always been larger than the other chickens but now it is pretty noticeable. I don't think it varies during the day so it's hard to say it is just from eating. He seems fine and happy. Eats his chick crumbles and free ranges when I let him. He drinks and poos fine. Its soft and doesn't seem to hurt him but sometimes he looks like it's heavy and uncomfortable. I've tipped him upside down to see if anything drains but it doesn't.

I really don't want to take him to a vet unless it's going to hurt him and he seems to happy to be very sick.
Check him in the morning and see if it goes down, if not hold back food a little but give water and see if it goes down. He just might be a pig thats all. Got a couple hens that make pigs of them selves but they lay an egg every day so not complaining.

Yogurt is good to keep the right cultures going in the digestive tract, olive oil good if there is something hanging up in the crop.

I had a young pullet recently that I thought was having crop problems, she was thin lethargic and droopy and had a bulging crop, wormed her and she bounced back in a few days and is growing like crazy since.

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