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    May 30, 2016
    My chickies are now nearly 14weeks!! I had six and now I have four as I gave away two cockerels to a friend. However I am still unsure of the gender of three out of the four and I was wondering if someone could help I really really hope they are all pullets but I think I might have a few Roos :hit


    So this is the first welsummer and I think he's a rooster but he hasn't crowed yet and the roosters that I gave away a few weeks ago started crowing at about eight weeks!


    The last one is a Rhode Island Red and at first I thought it was a rooster but now I think that she's just a big girl? And also the sunlight makes her comb and wattle look really red but it's actually a light pink. [​IMG]

    Thanks very much any help would be much appreciated. :yiipchick
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    Your fist 2 are cockerels, sorry... Welsummer pullets would have a salmon colored breast, only the boys have black or dark chests...

    Last one is actually either a Red Sex Link or Production Red and looks like a pullet to me...
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    I agree.
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    agree also

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