15+ Barred Bearded (Pos. Lavender splits) Olive Eggers! Price includes shipping!

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    I will have available 15+ Bearded Barred Olive Egger Project Eggs. Or you can ask for a combo of Olive Egger and Black Copper Marans Eggs!!!!! I took over this flock from Onthespot (P. Carson). The goal is to breed a barred, bearded pea combed bird, as a dual purpose meat & egg bird. They are excellent layers of large dark green eggs. The hens I have are black and barred. They are in with a barred bearded pea combed OE roo, a barred non-bearded pea combed OE roo, and a lavender ameraucana roo. As a result, some of the offspring may be carrying lavender. Get some of these eggs and start your own lavender barred project! PM me to reserve your ship date! This is not an auction.

    Cost is $45 per 15+ eggs, price includes shipping! I have now added a minimum of 15 eggs because my hens are starting to lay really well.

    Ship dates:
    March 12 - Reserved (not available)
    March 19
    March 26- Reserved
    April 1st
    April 8
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  2. RHRanch

    RHRanch Chillin' With My Peeps

    I added the option of a mixed lot of 15+ eggs. You can choose either all Olive Egger Eggs or a mix of Olive Egger and Black Copper Marans eggs! PM me to order!

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