15+ Bearded blue, black, splash and white silkie hatching eggs

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    for your consideration 15+ blue, black, splash and white bearded silkie hatching eggs. This is a buy it now listing. My incubator is full and I hate to let them go to waste. My birds come from notable lines and are lovely.

    Cannot guarantee hatch rate, but can guarantee the condition of the eggs upon arrival. This is do to USPS handling and incubating techniques. Shipped hatching eggs are always a gamble. I usually send plenty of extras.

    The BBS pen has a blue roo with blue, black and splash hens and pullets. The white pen is white only.

    I bubble wrap each egg and use lots of padding. Shipped in a large USPS flat rate shipping box.

    If you would like these eggs post "sold" in the thread and send me a PM. Thanks for looking [​IMG]
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