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    I have 15 Blue Isbar and 15 Crested Cream Legbar hatching eggs for sale. This is a buy it now auction, the prices for the eggs are listed below. These eggs will be ready to ship on Wednesday, May 14th. This is a buy it now auction, the first person that sends me a private message will get to purchase these eggs. USPS Priority Mail shipping is included in the price listed below:
    BLUE ISBARS are extremely rare birds, it is believed there are less than 100 of these birds in existence. My birds came from Greenfire lines. I have 2 Blue roosters and Blue and Splash pullets, so the chicks will hatch blue, black, or splash in color. The hens lay beautiful speckled, olive, mint, or mossy green eggs. The Isbars are beautiful exotic birds. $65.00 (shipping included)
    CRESTED CREAM LEGBARS are rare birds from Britain,this beautiful breed is an auto-sexing breed. The male chicks will have a white spot behind their heads and the female chicks will have chipmunk stripes on their face and down their backs. The pullets will lay beautiful blue eggs. My stock comes from Greenfire Farms lines. $55.00 (shipping included)
    If you are interested in the Isbar and Legbar eggs, I could ship all 30 eggs for $105.00 (shipping included)

    All my birds are fed 16% layer pellets and are given vitamins/electrolytes in they water daily. Due to shipping and different incubation techniques, I cannot guarantee the hatch rare after the eggs are shipped. I have been hatching chicks from these eggs since February, the hatch rate has been great here at home. Payment will have to be sent by Paypal only, because the eggs should be ready to ship on Wednesday, May 4th. The first person that responds by a Private Message will be able to purchase these eggs. Please do not post any questions or responses by reply, please send by PM only. Thanks for looking and purchasing.
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