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15-Day Old Standard Frizzle Cochin Chicks B/B/S NPIP Certified

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by Fay at Frizzled Feathers, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. (15) - Day Old Standard Frizzle Cochin Chicks B/B/S NPIP Certified

    These chicks are from show quality lines and will be great show prospects or just look wonderful running around in your yard !
    colors you will receive is - B/B/S & occassionally we do hatch out a barred chick.

    All my breeding stock of Standard Frizzle Cochins have nice heavily feathered feet. Although its hard to tell it with these pics its been a muddy mess out there with all this rain. They are also still getting their new feathers in from moult so not looking their best right now in these pics.

    You will receive 15 day old chicks including an extra chick or two of my choice. May be same breed or may be a different breed just depends on what we have available.

    Chicks will be shipped on the 3/28 or 3/29 and will be shipped with Grow Gel for their journey.

    Shiipping will be $45.00 Express (New Shipping Box Included) If you would like us to add a shippimg warmer to the box please add an additional $5.00





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