15 egg purebred Grab bag Penedesenca Welsummer Marans Polish NPIP

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    15 egg Rare breed hatching egg GRAB BAG with FREE SHIPPING!!!

    What could be more fun? This auction will consist of extras from our other auctions and may include Wheaten Penedesencas, Black Copper Marans, Welsummers and WC Blue and Splash Polish Crested. I will guarantee that at least 1/2 of the eggs for the auction are from the dark egg layer breeds.


    Our eggs are fresh and fertile. We collect eggs at least 2 times per day. All breeds are housed separately and securely. There is no chance of crossbreeding. The average ratio of roosters to hens is 1 to 3.

    Fertility has been eggcelent! :)

    We will be listing all eggs as "Buy It Now" This allows people to buy as they are able to do so. We are also then able to plan ahead for shipping days.

    We will be shipping only on Mondays and Wednesdays. If our hens slow down, we will let the Buyer know as soon as possible that shipping may be delayed.


    Shipping cost in included in the auction. We ship by USPS Priority Mail We cannot be responsible for any rough-handling by the USPS, but we will include extra eggs just in case *if they are available*.

    When we ship our eggs, each egg is individually wrapped in a bubble wrap bag.

    These bags are large enough to surround most eggs in a double layer of wrap, with a thick cushion at the top and bottom of the egg.

    Depending upon the size of the order, the eggs will either be placed into-

    1. a small box on a nest of shedded paper and then another thick layer of shredded paper will be placed on top and in any open spaces. That box is then sealed. It is then placed into a larger shipping box surrounded by firmly packed shedded paper on the top, bottom and all four sides.

    2. a new egg carton, which is then wrapped in shipping tape. The carton is placed diagonally in a large Priority Mail box on a thick nest of firmly packed shredded paper. It is then surrounded on the top and all other sides by a nest of firmly packed shredded paper.

    3. a new egg tray, which is nested on a bed of shredded paper, when the eggs are placed in they are then surrounded with shedded paper. Depending on the size of the order, another egg tray may be used as an extra spacer/filler at the top. We also use other clean, recycled items for additional filler.

    We use clean, recyled paper and new bubble wrap bag since they touch the eggs. We include the shipping cost in our auctions because we pack HEAVY and SAFELY. Our average cost of a box of 6-12 eggs is over $12.00. We don't short you on padding to save us money. Your eggs are just as important to us as they are to you :)


    Please leave feedback for us as soon as the eggs are delivered.

    This allows us to know that you have received your eggs safe and sound.

    Please allow at least 12-24 hours for eggs to settle after shipping before setting them in your preheated and stable temp incubator. We cannot guarantee hatch rates because we cannot control the USPS or your incubator, however, we have incubators going here 24/7 and have had GREAT hatch rates! A 50% hatch rate is considered good for shipped eggs, but many people experience higher hatch rates. Conditions affecting our hatching eggs are beyond our control as soon as they leave our hands.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


    National Poultry Improvement Plan Certified

    AR NPIP# 71-0607
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    Hey there! Just purchased the Serama and quail eggs from you! Can't wait until Tuesday![​IMG]
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    Sep 27, 2009
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    Your eggs will be there ready for you Tuesday morning. Thank you again [​IMG]
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    Going to sleep on it... you know I'm interested.
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    If only it were already next spring... [​IMG]

    You can count on me putting in an order for Wheaten Pene eggs or chicks sometime in March of next year. (If they're available then, or sooner if we can work it out! I just have to wait until after Jan. 1st. [​IMG])
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    Quote:You can order through my website http://flyingafarm.com/order.html whenever you would like and give me a preferred shipping date range and I'll put you on the list [​IMG] I'm hatching right now for myself and will begin mailing chicks again after we cool down a little. I sell hatching eggs January-November and will ship chicks September-June.
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