15 + Fancy Longtail Freerangers (Buy It Now)

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    Nov 10, 2007
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    Buy it now 15+ eggs from my Fancy Longtail Free ranger Chickens
    Roosters are splash Yokohama/Sumatra and a Silver Phoenix cross with the first rooster
    Hens are White Phoenix, Silver Phoenix, Spangled Game, and crosses with them and the roosters.
    Roosters end up growing 3 ft and up long tails. (If the hens and horses will stop steping on their tails :/ )
    They are Great Broodies, Great layers of white eggs, Super Fertile eggs, They do great free ranging.
    They don't have a coop they sleep up in the top of the barn. I never have to feed them. The wander the 5 arces, eating bugs and sneaking some food from the horses once in a while.

    Asking $20 shipped for the eggs

    Check my website for pictures
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    Old thread but do you still have hatching eggs to sell?

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