$15 Garry Farm Certificate for eggs, produce, etc. bid starts at $12

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    We'd like to introduce to the BYC members our "The Garry Farm Certificates" which have been sold locally in our community and popular for the last 5 years. This is the perfect gift for now or anytime for in the spring to gift someone or yourself with hatching eggs or other items from our farm - baby chicks, ducks, guineas, turkeys, etc, hens, roosters, etc., produce, milk and eggs. Presently we are only shipping the hatching eggs, other items must be picked up at the farm. This certificate will of course only apply to hatching eggs from The Garry Farm!

    We offer these in any denomination. Today we are auctioning off a $15 certificate to introduce the availability of these certificates

    The certificates are valid for 1 year after purchase and they are available in any amount that you would like to purchase. Perfect for someone who likes fresh veggies, great eggs,milk, herbs, fruits, handmade items, baby bunnies, chicks,etc. and likes the idea of sponsoring a chemical free, sustainable farm.

    Veggies, milk and eggs continue and now wonderful baby bunnies are available at the farm as well...Hatching eggs are available year round as well.

    Please see feedback on our auctions under the current system as well as the old system.

    Mailing information:
    We will mail you a certificate for you to send to the person of your choice (we can send either e mail or my postal mail). If you like we will also send directly to the recipient either via e mail or regular USPS mail.

    You may use these certificates as payment toward auctions here on BYC as well!

    Thank you so much for considering this time to sponsor a local farm while helping some one you love live a healthier and happier life!..Have a blessed day. Nancy

    To learn more about us, our fulltime farm, our ethics, please visit our website
    facebook: the garry farm

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