15 Marans/Jersey Giant Cross Chicks, DFW Texas


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8 Years
Dec 5, 2011
Grand Prairie, TX
Hello! We have 15 chicks for sale, hatched just a week ago. These are from our Black Jersey Giant hens and a Blue Copper Marans rooster. We do have one Black Copper Marans hen, so one or two of these chicks might be pure Marans, but I sure can't tell the difference at this stage! They are all blue and black, some feather legged, some not. All are very healthy and active, hatched without assistance. We had a great hatch rate, 75%! We are not with the NPIP, and chicks are not vaccinated, debeaked or anything like that.

Cash only, pickup only in Mansfield, TX, which is half an hour south of Fort Worth. I will sell them for $100 for all 15, or $6-$8 per chick if you want fewer. I cannot ship, as they are over a week old and cannot be sent as "day old." Thank you!

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