15 Month Old Hens Not Laying

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  1. I have 17 hens. 9 Dominiques, 8 Rhode Island Reds, and they haven't layed any eggs for 7 weeks. I did get 1 a week ago. Their 15 months old. They had lost back feathers from roosters mounting them and I switched them to eating mainly fodder ( half barley half field peas ).Once they starfed eating fodder they began growing feathers back. Now their feathers are grown back and only the 1 egg.
    Should I give them sunflower seed fodder, more calcium. please help.
  2. What is fodder?
  3. Man oh man, that is why I like this site, always something to learn, thanks for this fodder bussiness
  4. Please, what kind of seeds is used, it looks like sunflower seeds
  5. I know that sunflower seeds are used. you can also use barley, peas, wheat, and just about any other grain.
  6. thank you very much.
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    It seems pretty clear that your chickens are molting. I do not think the change in feed caused the feathers to grow back. You just changed feeds in the middle of the process.

    You said it has been 7 weeks without eggs (except 1 egg). Hopefully your hens will soon start laying regularly again.
  8. thank you
  9. If y'all need some more tips on the fodder just ask.

    Thank you all very much for your help.

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