15 Plus American Serama Hatching Eggs

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    Jun 4, 2009
    Hello Guys Today I Have some Serama Hatching eggs for sale ...I have 2 Rooster( both from Jerry Seramas) and 6 hens ,3 hens to each roo.

    I have 3 hens that just hatched in the last 3 weeks and I dont need to hatch anymore seramas for now.
    Hen #1 Hatched 8 out of 10 eggs
    Hen #2 Hatched 9 aout of 12
    Hen #3 Hatched 5 out of 10

    I am offering 15 Plus as many as I can fit in a large flat rate priority mail box..I like to put plywood inside the box to gove extra protection(let me know if you dont like this )
    Price includes shipping .

    Please feel free to ask any questions by text or PM me this is my cell # 805-407-1461

    Local pick up is welcome or payment can be made trough paypal
    send payment to [email protected]





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