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    I have about 14 birds off my old bird team and 3 breeders for sale. I may have more - a few birds are pending and waiting for a confirmed sale. There is nothing wrong with these birds, I just have too many. I moved to California and my dad is back home in NC taking care of my birds. He is having a hard time keeping up with them all and my old bird loft became overcrowded thanks to most of my young bird team making it through the season. I do not have pictures of all the birds, so pick up is best to see what all is available. If I were home I would take plenty of pictures but sadly that is not the case. Buyer must pay shipping if not picking up locally, and also please send a box (new or used, doesn't matter as long as it is useable) to make it easier on my dad. We both hate to do this but it is desperately needed for the sake of my birds' health. Overcrowding is not an option and he can't afford to race this OB season so there won't be any natural thinning out until next spring. I will do my best for pedigrees for now but I will have more informed ones when we go back home and I can see my pedigree book. Anyway, here are the pictures I DO have and also some descriptions. Also descriptions of the birds I do not have pictures of. Please note, if a sex is not listed, I do not know it. I moved before I could confirm the sexes of all the 2012 hatches. My dad will get a list of them to me when he can but for now they are unsexed unless noted otherwise.

    $8 per bird OR take all 17 (or 18, if the other offer falls through) for $100. This is a good chance to get decent quality racing homers for practically nothing.


    - IF 11 DRP 322, BC cock. Bred by Patrick Motley. I didn't race it but it is one beautiful bird. He didn't come with a pedigree but I know Patrick mostly had houbens and devriendts I believe.
    - IF 12 TRC 529. Red bar sooty cockbird, with bronze and probably also indigo. 20th @ 100, 19th @ 132. Dad came from Ace in the Hole loft.
    - IF 12 TRC 731, Spread ash-red bar cockbird. 24th @ 100, 30th @ 132, late @ 233. Mixed strains, some stichelbaut in there. Ignore the lovely poop stains. We all know how white walls work with pigeons and how they will back up to poop on the wall, in the water, etc. just to piss us off.
    - IF 12 TRC 765, blue grizzle/undergrizzle/bronze. Only flew the last race of the season, 233 miles and came home late. A mix of strains, some ghesquire and SVR in there.
    - IF 09 TRC 788, BC cockbird. Sire is mostly Janssen based stuff and mom is pure bekaert.
    - NPA 10 BQ 2036, black splash hen. Carries genes for saddle. Ash-red spread cock 731 is her son.
    - (Picture with multiple birds not for sale and two that are) The white cockbird on the right is for sale. IF 09 TRC 778. He is recessive white masking pied ash-red check carrying blue and recessive red (and bar, if I remember correctly). White Bandit and other Janssen stuff. You can also see IF 09 TRC 788 the BC in the center facing right, he is also for sale. (WHITE COCKBIRD IS PENDING)
    - Mr. Wyoming, AU 07 SCHE 5858, BC cock. Mostly Janssen stuff. He does have a pedigree. IF 09 TRC 788 is his son.
    - IF 07 DRP 7158, BC cock. Bekaert, bred by Lovebirds Loft. He does have a pedigree.
    - BCSPL hen bandless 2012
    - Bandless grizzle cock? 2012
    - BC hen 2011 banded with indian fantail band. Nice little bird.

    Birds NOT pictured:
    - IF 12 TRC 528, BC pied hen (carries bar) - 18th @ 100, came home next day at 232. Janssen, Stichelbaut, and SVR strains.
    - AU 10 ZEP 17, BB hen - I have a pedigree for this one but I can't remember all her details. She has some Rocket and Hollywood blood in her. Very beautiful bird. I have her half uncle in the breeding loft.
    - IF 12 TRC 769, blue grizzle - 17th @ 100, 32nd @ 132. Father was my most consistant cockbird and got a 2nd place diploma in the combine last OB season. SVR, Ghesquire, Stichelbaut, and Janssen strains.
    - IF 12 TRC 783, BCWF with undergrizzle - Only raced once at 232 and came home next day. Dennis Kuhn bloodlines
    - IF 11 TRC 11198, BC cock - 13th @ 182, 22nd @ 132, Next day @ 232. Wonder (3-D lofts) and Devriendt.
    - IF 12 TRC 708, BB hen? - 24th @ 132, Next day @ 232. SVR and Ghesquire strains.
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    Sep 17, 2013
    where is your dad located in NC?
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    Are you still selling

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