15 week old Silver Laced Wyndotte....not walking


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Jun 7, 2017
my 15 week old chicken can't seem to stand up...she's eating and drinking good...I brought her into the garage for the night to keep eye on her ...her legs appear to look ok...but they are splayed when she tries to stand...any ideas what is causing this???
Does she move her toes when you touch her feet, and is she moving both legs? Do you have roosters or high roosts, where she may have gotten hurt? Look for any swelling, bruising of legs, or scabs on foot pads.
She is at an age when Mareks disease can show up, but I would first consider a vitamin or mineral deficiency, then injury, and see how she gets along for a few days. I would place her in a chicken sling (Google for pictures on how to make one,) place food and water close so she can get to them, and watch her. Poultry Cell 2 ml daily or poultry vitamins added to the water would be good. Make sure the citamins contain riboflavin. B complex tablets 1/2 tablet ccrushed a day into food would be a good alternative.
She's from Murry McMurry Hatcheries, just got her about 10 days ago...I have her water and food right next to her..I have been giving her vitamins ... The other 2, another Silver laced Wyndotte and RIR that I got at same time seem fine...no roosters and she's not roosting yet, thanks for your response!! I've never had any problems with any pullets I've received from them before...thanks for your response!

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