15 Wk Old Blue Orp Cockerels Stand Together Against... Charlotte?


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My teens, the seven pullets and the two sons of Suede that KingsCalls is picking up in a couple weeks, got to go outside their pen with the main flock today for the first time. They'd been out of the pen a couple of times, but never when the flock was freeranging. I did pen up hormonal Zane because I did not want him terrorizing the young pullets, but all others were free to come and go.
The first one to approach the group of youngsters was my Blue Ameraucana hen, Charlotte. She was pecking at something on the ground nearby when Suede's blue son happened to notice someone the same color as he was, LOL. He sidled over to her, leaned his head close to her and was met with flaring hackles and major attitude! He jumped back, flared his own hackles and prepared to defend himself when suddenly, his brother, the larger black cockerel came to his defense. They literally stood together like a wall, hackles ablaze, their heads close together, and faced off with Charlotte as a team. It was really interesting to see them act in unison. Charlotte took two steps back, lowered her head and went about pecking at something on the ground again. Then the two brothers beat a hasty retreat back into their pen, like it was just too much excitement for them today, LOL.
Jeff, these two brothers are quite the pair. They spar a bit, but they are great pals most of the time. I'm so glad they're going to a new home together.

BTW, to see that huge black cockerel run with have you rolling on the floor laughing, LOL!
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