16-20 week old Light Brahmas gender help!


7 Years
Oct 25, 2012
This past weekend I bought 4 Light Brahmas from a nice gentleman. He told me he had attempted to give me 2 pullets and 2 cockerels, but one he wasn't sure about. I am new to Brahmas, and he told me that unlike my bantams, his Brahmas don't start laying or crowing till they are around 9 months old. So I was wondering if some of you knowledgeable folks would take a stab at guessing these sweet chicken's genders? I'd hate to have to wait another 5 months to find out for sure, ha. Thank you!

This one is kind o f funny to me as I attempted to buy a light brahma rooster that was sexed and marked by the hatchery that sold to the local feed store. I kept telling mysel shim was gonna start trying to crow any day... She was a couple weeks behind the other 4 hens I got at the same time.but lay she did and pretty well,at seven months. I think if any of your birds were Roos there would be some hint of a comb by now. They all look pretty much like mine so I would say hens. The only place it seemed like she lagged developmentally with her peers was foraging and I would say she's my best bird now at that(8 months). She eats some of everything kind of spooky doesn't like to be handled but keeps an eye on the sky now that we have a hawk spending the winter in our neighborhood. Very good bird in my limited experience so it should be a fine flock any way.
At her size I would think she has the least to worry about from a not very big hawk. The hawk has made one tentative run at the girls was very nearly on a good size speckled Sussex. I wanted a big rooster to keep cats etcetera at bay,I didn't get it but she does seem to be the peacemaker in the flock and has gotten very alert as a watchdog so you may not get chicks but I really like this bird and hope you get a kick out of yours I hope I'm wrong about the sexing too.
They all look like pullets to me. Brahmas are known to be slow at maturing, but at 16-20 weeks I don't think there's too much room for doubt.
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Well as much as I would LOVE Brahma chicks, I have a small urban flock and roosters are not allowed. If I end up with 4 pullets I'll have hit the chicken jackpot, haha. We have a very brave hawk and an annoying neigborhood cat, so a rooster would be nice. If I do end up with a rooster or two, I do hope they are late crowers so I can enjoy them a little while. Thank you!

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