16 Apenzeller Spitzhauben Eggs ~ $30 Includes Shipping from OK

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    My incubator is full, and my hens are laying great, so now's the time to buy at a special low price! I could even double this order today ... for $55 and include a few extras!

    The Appenzeller originates from Switzerland. They have small wattles and combs, so they don't have so much to get frostbitten. They have a well spread tail, full hackle and fairly hard, tight plumage. On the head is a horn type comb with two small rounded spires and the unique crest points forward like the bonnets on the traditional costume bonnets worn by the ladies in the Appenzellerland region. Spitzhauben actually means pointed bonnet. They are beautiful, curious birds that are a joy to watch. Hens lay a medium/large white egg.

    Hatching eggs will be packed individually with bubble wrap and promptly shipped thru USPS Priority mail (continental United States only). I will personally drive out of my way to the Oklahoma City airport post office, which is open 7 days a week, to get these eggs sent off as quickly as possible.


    I also have other hatching eggs possibly available: turken, jersey giant (most are blue), brabanter, welsummer, cuckoo marans, golden salmon marans and 4 breeds of turkey. Just do a search for my user name to see some old ad's.
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