16+ Blue double-laced Barnevelder project eggs AUCTION!


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Bidding will start at: $___100.00____
Additional bids will be in increasing $___1__ increments
Shipping will be via <USPS PRIORITY unless buyer is willing to pay more for overnight/express> at a cost of <$15>
Auction ends at <8pm> <Pacific Standard time> on < Jan 31st, 2012> (I added more time, so that the auction ends closer to the next available ship date)
These eggs will ship FEBRUARY 6th, 2012 or a later date.
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Description: 16+ extras Blue double laced Barnevelder project eggs. Very rare color of Barnevelder! These eggs are by a Blue project roo (75% Barnevelder/ 25% BLR Wyandotte) over pure-bred Barnevelder hens. The resulting chicks will hatch out 50% Blue and 50% black. The chicks will be 3rd generation with about 87% Barnevelder blood. These birds are not imported. This is a project that I've been working with since 2009 and have made much progress in color and type. I still consider my "Blues" a project line and further selection and breeding will be needed to continue improving the line towards Breed Standards including egg color, type, and lacing.

I'm only offering these for a limited time then I will be hatching for myself. I may have started birds later in the year and I'm working on becoming NPIP.

UPDATE: 16+ eggs!!!
First three orders (from old auction) have been shipped:) click here to see old auction: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/...aced-barnevelder-project-eggs/10#post_8204340

See "my chicken page" for more info and pics here:
and more about my blue project here:

I do not guarantee hatching due to issues regarding shipping or incubation. I do my best to provide the best quality eggs possible and pack with great care. Eggs will be wrapped in tissue or paper towels and bubble wrapped individually. The eggs are then wrapped in more bubble wrap and surrounded with packing peanuts in an extra heavy duty box. I have had good success shipping eggs from CA to Maine, Florida and other states. I am not NPIP at this time, but have a closed flock (no trades, shows, new stock) with no known illnesses in my flock. Fertility is near 100% and hatch rates have been good even with shipped eggs.

Pictures: (click for better view)
Blue double laced project roo (75% Barnevelder, 25% BLR Wyandotte)
Nice boy! he's big, meaty, good mannered...even with my kids

Blue double laced pullet (sister to the roo pictured)

Black laced pullet (sister to blue roo)

One of the pure Barnevelder pullets being bred to the blue roo.

Chicks hatched on NYD from the Blue project eggs. A little more than 50% hatched blue.The splash chick was a test hatch from a sibling mating. These are nice healthy chicks and they're growing very well.

Blue chicks from NYD hatch on 1/25/12 Lots of blues at least 20 out of 35 hatched blue:)

Eggs from the pen to be collected from: some are pullet eggs, but are of "hatchable" size (see chicks pic above). My Barnevelders tend to lay their largest eggs their second year. The project blue hens/pullets have been very good layers too. Picture taken with flash.

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I just received a batch of these beautiful eggs today (love the speckles). The packaging was perfect!!
Just wanted to say that, while I don't have an incubator running, that double laced hen is one of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen. Just gorgeous!
I believe that's the way it works, but the next bidder needs to "quote" the previous bid. That way the latest post reflects the previous bid and the current bid to update the price. Kind of awkward

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