16 week aussie very vocal today


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May 4, 2011
The comb and wattle of my 16 week Australorp are very red today, and she is really yelling at me. Usually, when I try to pet her, she runs away. This time, she stayed and allowed it - although I'm not sure that she was squatting. She was also a little aggressive - like she was trying to say she isn't afraid of me - and pecking my foot - which she has never done before.

This seems too early for eggs, but is it at least a sign that we are moving in the right direction? I'm totally new at this!
I don't know anything about Australops but the singing and red comb seem like a good sign. But are you sure she is a girl? My roos sing when I go out to the coop and "disturb" anyone. They are loud. The pecking could be a dominance thing going on or could be like my girls and they just like to clean the dirt splatters off my feet when I am giving them fresh water. Just a thought.
She is definitely a girl. I haven't seen her try to show dominance with the other hens, and this is the first time she has pecked me - or allowed me to pet her. Usually, she runs away. Maybe she is feeling conflicted about it, lol. If she is responding to me like I'm her "roo" and allowing me to pet her - she isn't very happy about it!

Like I said, at 16 weeks I know I've got a few weeks (or more) to wait. The egg anticipation is going to kill me!
Squatting this morning! I'm super egg-cited!!! lol

I reached into the coop to pet her back, and she totally assumed the position. I gave her back a good scratch and let her go. Eggs are definitely on the way. She was just 16 weeks on Monday, so I really didn't expect anything this early. (Of course - she will probably tease me and hold out a few more weeks.)

Here is a pic of Martha - last week.


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