16 week old Barred Rock Roos needs a home!

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  1. Please help my little 'Black Jack' out. My group of Pullets turned out to be all pullets +2 roos!!!! I already have one rooster and the other one is starting to fight with him. Black Jack is a sweetheart of a roo that will be a big cuddly teady bear!!!! he needs a caring home that will love him. I can deliver to within a few hours of northeast Ohio.

    The second barred rock that I have is named 'Blu'. He is a barred rock with blue eyes! he is so gentle and kind. He may need a special home as he has a small deformaty on his head. it seems to be a solid mass on the left side of his head between the comb and eye area. It has been there since birth, has never changed and does not affect him in any way. he is somewhat smaller than the other two in my group of babes, but i think that is because he is the youngest and just has not grown up all the way. He has been 'coddled' since birth because he was different to me. he is all roo though!

    I am very mindful of the home that these two go to. They are brothers, and as of today they get along fine together, but not with my other, so I am not sure if they will be ok together or not.
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    Are you any where near Ironton? I have a flock of BR hens that I would love to have him tend to!
  3. unfortunately I am not. I am in northeast Ohio. BUT I will be in Lexington Ky the last week of August and could bring him there if you are interested?

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