16 week old white leghorns eating oyster shell??

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    Hi! I have eight 16 week old white leghorn pullets that, yesterday, I integrated into my flock of laying hens. Because the leghorns aren't laying yet, I switched the entire flock to an all flock feed and am free feeding oyster shell separately in the coop for the laying hens.

    Today, I went out to check on the chickens, and I noticed that two of the 16 week old white leghorns were eating the oyster shell. Is this ok? Is an indication that they might be getting ready to lay? These two white leghorns do seem to have bigger and redder combs and wattles than the others.
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    Yes, the combs get red droop a little and the egg laying machines go. 16 weeks isn't too early. Oh, that's how I tell who's laying they won't take oyster shell unless they need them and they only need them for one thing. Congrats on the intuition.
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    You did the right thing. All is well.
    They're building up calcium stores in the medullary bone in preparation for manufacturing egg shells.

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