16 weeks now-breed/gender?


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Bear with me because these are my first chickens and I'm definitely still learning :) I have ideas as far as breeds and genders go but I'd like your opinions/confirmations-especially since I have to get rid of the roos since I'm not allowed them here.

any help you can give me would be great-thank you!
I am very new at this-basically I am learning from others. So here is my input-1st pic is a RIR pullet, 2nd pic is a mixed breed and i cant tell the gender, last one is pullet from unknown breed.

Anyone else? How did I do??
Not sure on Breeds on any of them.

1st Picture: Looks like a Hen. Maybe a red sex link?
2nd Picture: Looks like a Rooster. The neck/hackle feathers look pointed to me.
3rd Picture: Looks like a Hen. Maybe black sex link?
4th Picture: Looks like 2 Hens and 2 Roosters. The first and third chickens would be the hens. The black hen looks like a Black Australorp mix. And the 2 Roosters have some large rosecombs.

By the way noticed your from AR. Welcome!!
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the first one is a hen and might be some kind of sex link the two that are mostly black with single combs are black sex link hens. The other two with rose combs look like mixed roosters, could you get a side shot of the whole body of them?
I have a rooster that I got a few weeks ago and he is so handsome. I just don't know what kind of bird he is or what he might be mixed with. I was hoping I might get some help trying to figure it out. Thanks!
First is a pullet for sure.. but breed is going to be hard. If she grows a black tail, maybe a New Hampshire, if white, for sure a "red sex link"- basically a hybrid for brown egg production.

Second- Redcap pullet. You will get lots responses saying this is a rooster because she is a bit shiny and has a large comb for her age- but red cap is a breed with huge combs so her comb is going to fool those who sex based on comb size. She is a pullet because roosters of this breed has a different color pattern and a boy would have had a much bigger comb too.

Third- Black sex link pullet. Hybrid for easy sexing at hatch and good layer of brown eggs.

Last picture shows ALL pullets. Two Redcaps, one black sex link, the all black hen might be also a black sex link or a black rock. Not sure what the solid light brown hen in far back is(same as first pic).
googled redcaps-mine look just like all the pullets I saw! I think you're my new best friend, Kev-now I don't have to get rid of them! one question, though-they've got some spur growth and I think I've read that in some breeds hens will have spurs as well. is this to be expected in redcaps?

my initial thoughts were a red sex-link, black sex-link, and australorp- all pullets- and then my two smaller/bantam somethings that I had no clue of breed or gender. so I'll take that-at least I'm learning, haha.

I can definitely post some more pictures if anyone needs other views or anything :) thank y'all for your help! & hi @ TheJadeChicken-thanks for the welcome!
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Hello bestie!

No idea about hen spurs in that breed- redcaps are not a common breed. Surprised you got two of them! I remember a Hamburg hen with very long spurs, don't recall any one saying it was common to that breed.. her legs sure were long but slim. She was a good layer, tried to be a broody too but her spurs did keep breaking the eggs under her.

Not bad guesses actually, except australorps are supposed to have black legs with white soles. White soles indicate white skins.. that hen has yellow showing on her legs which means she has yellow skin, ruling out australorps. I don't know the standard for black rocks, if they are supposed to have yellow legs then she is likely to be a black rock and her legs not being clear yellow would be due to it being difficult to get clear yellow legs on a solid black chicken.

Normally black sex links have some brown, at least on their necks so if she's a black sex link, her being solid black would be slightly unusual but not impossible. That one may end up 'who really knows?'

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