16 weeks rafting calcium time to switch food?


Jun 8, 2016
My 16 week chickens are eating free choice calcium like crazy. I'm about to run out of grower. Im figuring it time to make the switch to layer. Does this behavior also mean they are getting close to laying? A couple do go down to the ground when I pet them but it's not the typical squat just yet. A couple also have those red combs. I have just have experienced the eating of calcium behavior like this before.
Do they have access to grit as well? Sometimes they will down the oyster shell in the absence of grit. I'm guess that you will have eggs soon though since you have some squatting as well as red combs.
My Barred Rock pullets were scoffing down Oyster Shells like a kid with a bag of candy for 2 days straight. Then it gradually slowed down over a week.
I offered it to them around 17 weeks. The first didn't start to lay till 20 weeks and the last at 23 weeks.
I would get another bag grower, and keep a side of Oyster Shells. The consumption of Shells will drop off. Do you have a separate container of Poultry Grit? GC 20190323_064050-2.jpg

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