16 weeks? Ready to integrate with the bigger girls?

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    Jul 11, 2007
    I have 3 chickens. The 2 that are older are a bantam cochin and an EE. The banty is nice/ok to the chick I am trying to integrate, but when the EE is present, they are both viscious. What I had going for a while (like 2 days) was seperating the EE from the banty and the chick. The chick and banty were fine, it's just my poor EE, who was usually came off strong, was sad, and her voice got high and lonely. So, I let her with them again. I had to! So they free ranged all day, and Lenore (the chick) got chased and wouldn't come out from under this bushy tree thing. What would happen in the run? They have free ranged together for all 16 weeks, but now that she's older, they hate her even more.

    Do you think, that tommorow, when the weekend is over, I can put them all together? Will they kill her? I can have them free range all day, it's just kind of dangerous right now since limbs are falling off the oaks (rainy wind storm) and there are owls, hawks, and raccoons in my neighbors's yard (accross the street).

    So, with all the questions, this is a summary question. Can I leave them alone unsupervised, or will they kill her? I need an answer by tonight if that's ok.

    Thanks for any answers I get!

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    I treat my birds kinda rough when it comes to integration... I toss em in and let them go at it, they hide out for a week or so and then peace is restored. I qualify this by saying that they do free range completely all day in contact with one another from as soon as they feel like walking away from the heat lamp, so they are no strangers when they are forced to sleep in the same house at night.

    Basically, 16 weeks should be fine if they are about the same size. Good luck!

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