16 Wheaten Ameraucana Hatching Eggs NPIP

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    16 LF Wheaten Ameraucana Hatching Eggs NPIP

    WM Line
    Auction ends March 28th, 11AM
    Beautiful, large ( average weights: 5 lb Hens,8 lb Roosters), tame birds with good conformation and colors. Very little, if any, ticking in the hackles and capes. Puffy beards and cheeks. Correct tail angle. Correct coloring. These are coming from the same birds I have shown and won 2 first places and 2 second place ribbons. No one can guarantee show quality birds but there is always a better chance when you start with quality birds like these.
    Beautiful hens


    Regal Roosters


    Beautiful and Clownish Roosters


    Poofy in all the right places



    Yes, wide inverted V tails, wide set legs and a poofy butt are desired qualities.
    Healthy and strong "FuzzyButts"

    Aren't they CUTE!!
    See my page for more photos.

    Fertilization is excellent as we have 1 Blue Wheaten, 1 Wheaten, Cock over Wheatens, Blue Wheaten, and 2 Splash Blue Wheaten Hens.

    I have tried to take pic of the beautiful eggs but as you hear so many times it is difficult if not impossible without photo-shop or a professional photographer to get the colors true.

    The picture of the egg in my hand is a good rep of the color, at least on my monitor. My family and friends cannot see the colors range I do. I see what would best be described as bluer-aqua.

    This is a picture with the official color chart: They range between an A9 and a B4


    We were honored to have one of the founders of this breed over to our home, he described, in great detail, how hard it was to develop the bird and hash out, amongst themselves, the SOP. He also helped us do our final culls and keep only the best of the best. This breed rides on their shoulders and I would only sell eggs that fit the SOP in respect to the founders who gave us this wonderful bird, and respect for the breed.

    Your eggs are individually wrapped in bubble wrap with cush above and below and at least 2 full circles around. Like this:

    Then this:


    As soon as the auction is finished on March 28th, the eggs are ready to ship. Please send an E-Mail with your name, daytime phone number (for the post office just in case there is trouble), shipping address and zip + 4 (if you have it). Pay-pal account is [email protected] I will be traveling to the post office that Monday, as soon as you respond as the winner, with your eggs!

    That's me! I love Chillin' With My Peeps - makes me happy! I apologize that I cannot respond to any queries on the weekends as we have no internet out on the farm.
    Shipping is 19.00 but if you are close, you are welcomed to pick them up.


    Ameraucana Breeders Club
    State of Illinois Certified NPIP Pullorum Tester
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    I'll start with $30.
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    I just wanted to let you know, the offspring I hatched last year started laying and they have a beautiful blue egg. Its much better than I had with eggs from other breeders. The hens have the great fluffy muffs too! Anyone who buys these eggs will be happy with the results
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    Thank You Dianne!
    I'm glad you are enjoying yours as much as I enjoy mine! You did a great job hatching out those babies!
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    I have some of her eggs in my incubator now, or I would be bidding on these beautiful eggs. Denise is great to deal with, and generous with extras if she has them. She wraps the eggs very carefully and packs them well.
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