160 chickens and I had to buy eggs

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    I had to get rid of my layers, as they were all hatchery stock, (and I want to focus on breeder quality stock), because I needed the coop. Now, I have my, "base stock," but none are laying yet. 160 chicks / chickens ... no eggs!

    I had to go to the store to buy eggs! I was getting 3 to 4 dozen eggs a day, now I get a token 1 green egg a day (I kept 4 Easter Eggers). Some of my Silkies are still laying, usually 3 - 4 eggs a day. Of course the 3 broody Silkies aren't laying. Now, a couple friends want me to hatch Silkies for them, so I am collecting the few Silkie eggs this week, to throw into the bator. [​IMG]

    I blame this big problem on BYC. [​IMG] Had I not ever found this site, I would never have known the difference in quality birds. I had my 44 hatchery chickens, "for eggs," and would have been happy just to have fresh eggs. .... Now, I'm a Hatchoholic, and I have no eggs (to eat)! [​IMG]

    Sad, isn't it, to have to buy eggs? They don't even taste the same. [​IMG] I never noticed before we had our own. YUK ...
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    I'm going to wait until March to thin out the big girls to make room for the chick that will hatch out on Jan 1st.

    Hope I don't have to buy eggs!!
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    Got the same problem here but I refuse to buy eggs. Thats whyI put up with DH's ducks they lay all the time. It was so hot this year that our flock stopped laying in June My cochins and orps have just started laying again as I put a light in there coop Now Isis my cochin and Lori my orp have gone broody so the eggs are getting scarce again. even the banties have stopped with this crazy weather.
  4. emvickrey

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    I have 1 hen that I had bought at Rural King, (a farm store), back in April to keep a lone chick that hatched company. I bought 2 but I had to move and I had to thin out my flock. I selected 10 to keep, and we took the rest to the auction. I felt I had to keep the one PR hen that I have still because she had been injured and I felt selling an injured bird was bad ethics. She has produced some of the largest eggs I got out of any of my other hens I had before. I put an egg or two of her eggs in the bator and she had the prettiest chicks this time and on Christmas. They are mixed with my Onagadori rooster. Some of you may remember Nugget that had what was determined to be a stroke or possibly something just didn't go right since it was her first egg. Nugget is fine and is a cockreal and looks nothing like his mom. Apparently it was the EE roo that fathered that one. The EE roo is now gone, R.I.P. and has been for a few months.

    You can find the pics of this hatch in the thread about hatching on the 21st. It takes extremely too long to reopen photobucket. Sorry.

    I get about 4 to 5 eggs a day but only 1 big enough to use for our food. The rest are small. I have 4 EE hens that will be laying in the spring and hopefully a few of Lucky Ducks eggs for the jumbo size. (That's the name of the PR we kept) She was severely injured and was very lucky I tried to fix her instead of have her for dinner.
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    Kathy, don't buy eggs! I will gladly give you eggs when you need them! Just PM or call me!
    I don't ever want to eat store bought eggs ever again!
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    I once had 250 breeders and 1000 chicks and needed to buy eggs. I was selling too many hatching eggs at the time. Hatching eggs were worth more than the eating eggs so hatching eggs they were and grocery store eggs we ate.
  7. purelypoultry

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    Aug 2, 2008
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    And I couldn't get backyard eggs from the neighbors either. they were all bringing me hatching eggs at the time. lol. They were only saving enough eating eggs for them selves.
  8. kathyinmo

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    Thanks, Dale Ann, I will give you a call!
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one! Thirty hens/pullets, and I had to buy eggs. No choice really, had to get the holiday baking done.

    I had frozen lots of extra eggs last spring and summer during the glut but then mice killed our freezer. Dozens of eggs and other frozen items all lost. [​IMG]

    -Cindy in MA
  10. kathyinmo

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    I didn't know you could freeze eggs. How do you do that?

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