1611 Egg Turner fast-Normal?

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    My GQF No.1611 egg turner is turning my eggs 12 times daily. Example: At 4:00 PM the eggs are tilted all the way to the left, at 5:00 PM the eggs are tilted all the way to the right, etc. Turning eggs 3-4 times daily is just a minimum, so 12 times would be alright? Should I unplug it at bedtime and then plug it back in when I wake up? This would eliminate 4 turns and give the eggs a rest for 8 hours. This would mimic a hen sleeping on the eggs undisturbed I would think.

    The egg turner is inside the Hova-Bator Genesis that I just received in the mail from GQF manufacturing. Eggs were collected for a week before the incubator arrived and stored in a clear plastic sanitized egg holder and rotated 3 times daily in my office.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    As I read this, if they are all the way to one side and then an hour later they are all the way to the other side, that would be one turn per hour = 24 per day.
    I think you just don't want them to turn more often than hourly.
    I think that is OK for the first couple weeks. Your idea of turning it off at night may be appropriate the last week as turning is less important then.
    Besides preventing the yolk from moving to one side of the egg, the big advantage of turning more often is to give the embryo access to more nutrition with frequent turning.
    I have a plan to design my own turner and automate the frequency with hourly turning the first week, every 2 hours the second week and 4 times a day till day 18 when they will go into the hatcher.
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    ChickenCanoe, You are right about 24 turns a day. I must have been thinking half turn, one..half turn two etc. Haha. I will follow your advice and turn off the turner for 8 hours daily after two weeks. Your idea of an egg turner that you can change the amount of turning settings is very handy, something I haven't seen.
    Thanks for the reply.

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