16week golden laced Wyandotte confusion


Apr 22, 2009
Truro, Nova Scotia
I have 2 golden laced Wyandottes hatched just 2 days apart but they look so different. One is definitely a cockerel, the darker one. The lighter one, (who I really want to be a pullet, I nursed her back from the brink of death at 2 days old after a broody attacked her, which is why she has that ring of no-feathers around her head) has saddle feathers so MUST be a cockerel, right? But she is way smaller, tail is different, posture is way more hen-like, she squats when petted like a hen does. I have no idea. Neither have crowed yet, hatched July 6 & 8. I’m not good at sexing bird as we normally just buy pullets, and I’ve never had GLWs before.


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