17 drakes to 10 hens - grumble


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Apr 30, 2012
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I got several different kinds of duck about20 weeks ago from Cackel. I ended up with

Drake Hen Total
Runner 3 1 4
Rouen 5 0 5
Ancona 3 3 6
Blue Swedish 1 2 3
Black Swedish 3 0 3
Cayuga 2 2 4
other/older 0 2 2

Total 17 10 27

With that ratio it looks like I will have to butcher some of the drakes.

The question is how many drakes should I put in the freezer?
Are they still young enough to taste good? (about 20weeks now)
I googled how to butcher, most stay to use poultry wax - can I use other wax besides poultry wax? its really expensive
Is the drake to hen ratio normal?

Thank you for the input.
Wow. Lots of drakes.

I only have ducks as pets, so I am no help. But there is another forum, for meat birds


Also, if you can get ahold of Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks, there is a chapter on processing them. Regarding age, he writes that if you don't butcher them in full feather at about 7 to 10 weeks, then wait another 6 to 10 weeks until they are in full adult feather.
Amiga has given good advice, as i don't eat duck i am useless for that info. As for ratio's... ideally at least 2-3 per. I am a bit drake heavy here myself but will likely re-evaluate in the spring.

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