17 week old Olive Egger cockerel/rooster

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    I have a 17 week old Olive Egger cockerel FREE to GOOD home only. He is a very striking young boy, an F1 cross between a Welsummer and Cream Crested Legbar, hatched 7/10/16. I bought him from Meyer Hatchery as a sexed pullet, but he turned out to be very much a boy! When paired with either a blue egg laying hen (Ameraucana, Legbar, Easter Egger) or a dark egg laying hen (Marans, Welsummer, etc.), they should produce olive egg laying chicks. He is getting along nicely now in a flock with mixed age hens and one other young cockerel. He is very respectful of people, tries to keep his distance, and should be a good flock guardian as he grows. He is great eye candy, too--bright gold, rich mahogany, iridescent green black, and barring all over. We are looking for a good home for him since he has been raised as a pet, not dinner! I would love to keep him and hatch out some of his babies (he is already getting frisky with the ladies), but I live in the city and am concerned that his lovely voice is not endearing him to my neighbors....

    * The last picture is NOT mine, but shows a nice example of olive eggs from BYC

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