17 week old roo with pale anaemic comb & wattles


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I need some help please.

My 17 week old roo has been very lethargic the last couple of days as well as having an extremely PALE face, comb and wattles. The color is such a light pink it's almost white. Last night as a precaution I treated his water with medication for coccidiosis. Today he has been eating heaps and is drinking well and his activity level has definitely improved. He has not been sleeping anywhere as much as he was yesterday. His poops have been a mix of clear and dark green and are very liquidy (today as well. The weather here is hot and humid). He is still very alert, walking around (today flapping and running around with the others) etc..

I'm not sure exactly what I'm dealing with but have a couple of suspicions:

1. Coccidiosis (which is why I immediately started medication yesterday and will continue for another day).

2. Or, worms perhaps?

3. Or, a mite problem? I have checked him and can't see any sign at all of mites.

I'll buy some poultry dust tomorrow and dust him just to be safe, but because he is so very pale I'm wanting to cover all bases quickly so as not to lose him. This is where I need advice please.

He has not been wormed before. Therefore, should I still start with Wazine and wait 2 weeks to then dose him with Cydectin (ivermectin), OR because of the severe paleness should I forget the Wazine and go straight into the ivermectin?

I understand that Wazine is used first to offload as many worms as possible so as not to overload his system and cause him more troubles. Advice please. Also advice on the dosage of cydectin/ivermectin would be helpful too - he's a LF standard Brahma. Unfortunately my scales are broken at the moment so I can't weigh him, but as I stated above he's only 17 weeks old.

Many thanks
As for the diarrhea you can try blackberry tea, ginger tea, or carrot juice... It could also be a fungus... When my chickens are sick I give them garlic cloves that I crush into there water just to rule fungus out... I will warn you it smells horrid... But it's worth the try. Your whole flock is ok to have garlic water too. Keep fluids up because diarrhea means the body is trying to flush itself out. Make sure it keeps eating... You seem to have it all under control just keep doing what your doing...

Best of luck


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