18 Assorted Silkie Eggs

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    These eggs were collected this morning from my white, B/B/S, Partridge Pen. All birds are bearded except for three of my partridge. Partridges are hard to keep consistent on the beards. All colors are separated except the B/B/S pen.

    Also check out sometime today my two auctions for chicks (partridge & Black Lavender Splits)

    Thank you for looking and bidding. Cj


    visit www.cjsilkies.com to see other pictures.

    Thanks to 17roses here are pics and quote on how her eggs were packed.

    I purchased this deal for 5-21 an I just want to say how amazing she packs the eggs! I dont know how she makes any money with the amount of packing supplies, shipping cost not to mention all the time for packing it. I highly recommend this deal!!!! big_smile

    Warnings all over the box for the Post Office workers. Thank you! Stuffed with packing peanuts on the bottom and bubble wrap on the top so the cartons won't bounce around Double wrapped in bubble wrap And last but not least, the carton is packed so the eggs can't move around and the individual eggs marked by color!
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much CJ!

    [​IMG] Thank you 17roses for your great pr work.. really really appreciate it. And nice pics also. Thanks again.]

    Thanks to featherz & cristina33 for the pictures. [​IMG]


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    I just got some of these in the mail on Friday. He has the most awesome packing. It was just as shown in the photos. Even had some extra packing with little air filled pillows in the corners of the box!! All the eggs look great.
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    Only a few minutes left no one wants these??
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