18 B/B/S Orpington Hatching Eggs - Shipping Included

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    This offer is for 18 BBS Orpingtons. I have set my incubators and they are loaded to the max. This offer includes shipping. Payment will need to be made upon purchase via paypal to [email protected].

    We have been raising BBS Orpingtons for several years and our stock is from of the best stock in the US which includes a number of BYC members.

    Now for the disclaimers.

    Fertility has been confirmed and will be checked throughout hatching season. We provide our birds with a healthy environment, plenty of good feed, & fresh water. We will guarantee fresh eggs that provide to best opportunity for successful hatching. We hatch and raise chicks from the same breeding pens that we offer hatching eggs for sale.

    We cannot guarantee your hatch rate as there are way too many things outside of our control once the eggs leave our hands. There are risks with any shipped eggs that can cause them not to hatch. There is also the entire incubation period that many things can also go wrong: wrong temperature, wrong humidity, power outages, even a hen broody hen can have problems. All these problems are beyond our control. If you are not willing to except the inherent risks, please do not bid on our auctions. Ask questions before bidding.

    This is a Paypal auction only. No E-Checks. Eggs are time sensitive and e-checks take way to long to clear. Please pay for auction within 24 hours. We try are best to adhere to mailing eggs within 2 days of auction end, however if the birds stop laying, don’t lay enough, or some other unforeseen thing happens we will contact you as soon as possible letting you know and give you the option to wait for available eggs or a full refund. You do not have the option to ask for a particle mailing date with this auction.
    Eggs are mailed Monday through Saturday when they become available. Don’t contact us after winning the auction and tell us you don’t want your eggs mailed because you don’t want them setting in the post office over the weekend. The eggs are mailed when they are available. Please contact us directly if you want to choose your mailing date. Do not bid on this auction.

    We take great care with packing the eggs so they arrive unbroken. We cannot be responsible for the postal service mishandling of packages. Once again, we cannot guarantee your hatch rate as there are way too many things outside of our control once the eggs leave our hands. Eggs will be mailed 2-3 day Priority, however understand that the United States Postal Service does not guarantee 2-3 days delivery

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