18 d'uccle eggs 24 hr auction, NPIP- please read body.


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Feb 1, 2008
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Don't bid if your state requires a special permit to ship there, please. I was collecting these for test eggs, then discovered the State I was going to ship to has to have a special import permit, beyond the standard NPIP vs 9-3 form. So, since my incubator is full and I hate to just make omelets.... I'm doing the 24 hr auction thing.

Per the list that I have from my NPIP representative, the following states can bid, as they don't require a special permit beyond just the vs-9-3 form:

Alabama, California, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Washington, and Wyoming.

I use plenty of bubble wrap in my shipping, so far only one person has reported one cracked egg from having the whole side of the box bashed in. (Other eggs still hatched) My current eggs in the incubator from my flock have a 95% fertility rate. I can't guarantee your hatch if your postal worker decides to play football with the package..

Good luck, and please only bid if you are in Missouri (ok for me to ship locally) or in one of the states mentioned above. They will ship the next business day after I receive paypal to [email protected]. I don't like wrapping them too far in advance.

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I forgot to add, these eggs will be from porcelain d'uccle roosters and mostly porcelain d'uccle hens, though I do have 3 mille fleur hens running with them, so you may get a mille fleur looking chick with the porcelain heritage.

Here are some more pics:






My roosters come from Ugly Duckly, and my hens are from hatchery stock-- and I could brag and say my offspring won best of breed at last fall's Missouri Poultry show (double show), but there were only 3 other d'uccles there that weren't mine LOL
You can ship to CT as long as the buyer gets a permit and the state will call you and you just have top put the permit number on the Npip form. Just for future refrence!
I can ship to almost any state, but some states make you request a permit from them to be allowed to ship into their state, which basically is your state signing a form saying you really are pullorum typhoid tested negative. By the time 'the states' communicated and faxed everything back and forth, I was afraid these eggs would be no good so I put them up for auction, until my tester's state can send me my permit. It seems silly to me when you are already providing a form which states exactly that (the vs 9-3). It seems redundant, but hey, that's government for you. All in the name of following regulations. This auction is for 24 hrs so that I can ship these out while they are fresh.
I forgot to add, if you think you might want eggs from me later this year, and your state is not the list above, pm me so I can see what your state's shipping requirements are (besides just the vs 9-3 form)

You are doing so well with your d'uccles, they all look happy and healthy! That's weird about all the State rules, I haven't really heard of those before, what happens if they intercept the package? Is it like shipping illegal drugs? Do you get a knock at the door?

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