18 eggs under 3 broodies 5-23 start! 6-13 hatch date.

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    alright. i got a dog crate put de and lime in it and found some mower clippings that were dried stuffed them in (ran out of straw).
    then did the same with the doghouse....
    the broodies were not happy about that but the nesting needed changing... i powdered it with de and lime.

    now the buff orphington and the australorp are "sharing" 12 eggs (the aussie has most) in the doghouse and i convinced the silkie to go into the dog crate then swaped out the golf balls for 6 real eggs. and swaped the golfballs from the 2 broodies.

    so in theory each is responsible for 6, 6, 6.

    and i got smart. i labeled both ends with todays date.

    so this time i don't have to crack open rotten eggs 4 weeks from now. what are the best days to candle?

    i de'ed 2 of the hens, couldn't catch the other the buff. when i do i plan to de it for lice. i have learned that chickens that sit in place get lice.

    i candled all of the eggs and removed the porus ones. and dropped 2, one banty and one ee..... oh well. then mom went and dropped them again at the refridgerator. those were unlucky 3 eggs.......

    most are pretty clean. here is to my luck that my hatch ratio is better than the last one.... 3/11 was the last and 1/8 from 2 days of wet cold (chick died anyways...)....

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