18 LF Salmon Faverolles hatching eggs

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    Beautiful, docile and friendly chickens, take food out of your hand. Good egg production, these are not hatchery birds. Our hatch rate is 80% +
    These non agressive roosters weigh about 9Lb and the hens weigh about 6 Lb. This breed always has 5 toes, feather legged and are easily sexed at a young age. As soon as feathers start growning the males are black and the females are white

    To view pictures please go to our website @


    Please, Do not hit the buy button as we are taking orders for these eggs. Send email or PM me.
    We package eggs as we would like to receive them, each egg is bubble wrapped, padded and double boxed.
    You know the routine. We cannot guarantee that your eggs will arrive in a timley manor nor free from harm, nor the hatchqbility due to circumstances beyond our control.
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