18+ Mille Fleur and White d'Uccle Eggs . . . [SOLD]

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    18+ Mille Fleur d'Uccle Hatching Eggs!

    I will collect these eggs to ship on Tuesday, 4/17/12 via USPS Priority Mail.
    Shipping cost: $15.00

    I have Mille Fleur hens/roos and one white hen in this pen. I have excellent hatch rates from my d'Uccles.
    This is a Buy it Now auction to ship on 4/17/12.

    The FIRST person to reply “SOLD” and deposit funds into my Paypal account will win these eggs!
    PAYPAL: [email protected]

    I pack extremely careful in bubble wrap and double boxes.
    As with any shipped eggs, I cannot be responsible for USPS handling or incubation.
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